Bonnie Pettiford

Bonnie is a freelance casting director from Richmond, Virginia who's always had a deep ardor for the arts and a heartfelt passion for entertainers! The creative natural beauty has an array of training along with several talent coordinating, recruiting & casting positions under her belt. After graduating from Old Dominion’s Communications & Theatre Arts program, she found her industry niche in casting at the Virginia Beach location of the Los Angeles-based Studio Center Total Production. Furthering her education, she attended Norfolk State University's Media Management and Regent University's Film & Television graduate programs. Along her casting journey she has worked with Monique Shaw Productions, Spencer Communications, Tre-Native, Press Any Key Productions, Sindy Ashby Films and several other well-known independent media, marketing and production companies. From casting theatre and music videos, to commercials and independent film, she's helped connect producers and media teams to their dream talent. She's had the pleasure in working with the likes of talent such as Janelle Monae, Jay Farrow, Erykah Badu and many more. Upon sharpening her casting expertise in Atlanta her undying love for up & coming talent lead her to starting The Reel Tips, where she expresses her passion for understanding the development of talent within the industry. Bonnie yearns to share her knowledge of acting, casting and her own life’s journey to inspire self love & belief in her talent.