Darion D'Anjou

Darion D’Anjou is an award winning independent filmmaker based in Atlanta, Georgia, who focuses on short and feature length narrative films, music videos, and commercials. With a degree in 2D art and animation from Amsterdam’s Cartoon School, Darion has been a writer for the past decade. The art of storytelling through his graphic novels set a solid foundation for directing as an alternate form of storyboarding. Avid science fiction readers can find Darion’s well-received graphic novels, Genetika: Akva rium and Genetika: Gene on Amazon.com.

Although Darion has been a writer primarily, he has enjoyed success as a director, cinematographer, producer, editor, and composer with several IMDb credits to his name. He has written several screenplays, and his recent science fiction short film “Pony” won 7 out of 11 awards at the Constellation Film Festival including Best Picture, Best Cinematography, and Best Editing. Mommy, his short film featured on Youtube, has surpassed 400,000 views and has played in Atlanta movie theaters. His short film “Hop” was a finalist at the Atlanta Sci-Fi Film Festival, ahead of films from as far as England, China, Los Angeles, and Australia.

Most passionate about science fiction, Darion finds writing and creating through this genre liberating as it affords him the opportunity to visualize our future. Calling it “science faction”, Darion enjoys planting seeds of inspiration and imagination, showing his audience mind-blowing possibilities of how life could be. With an affinity towards diversity and multiculturalism, Darion’s work aims at shaping the future. Poised to become one of the most prolific science fiction writers in the world, this filmmaker is constantly churning out ideas, so keep an eye out for the science faction stories Darion D’Anjou will bring to the screen.