Durrell Daniels

Durrell Daniels, through his nomadic military upbringing, discovered the value of being unique at an early age. Durrell was born with a naturally creative gene. Having taught himself how to draw and play the trumpet, Durrell dreamt of an artistic career. This dream began to take form when Durrell was featured in a documentary about his reaction to the discovery of his family history. This discovery that forever changed his life, leading Mr. Daniels on a path of creative influence, driven by the forces of his ancestors. Durrell's new quest in life is to bless the world with his ability to write on behalf of those society deemed voiceless, giving light and insight for those who find difficulty understanding human condition. Durrell Daniels has made his mark in the hearts and minds of many who have experienced his presence, and for those who have yet to do so, he leaves you with this thought: "Not everyone was born to be a leader, but everyone was born different. I have decided to bless the world with my ability to be both".