Meet the founders

Institutional Guidance and Stewardship

Anthony R. Page

Executive Producer / Managing Producer

Jason C. Louder

Executive Producer / Series Visionary

Natalie Karp

Institutional Development

Winston A. Wilson

Institutional Development

Hakim Robinson

Institutional Development


Chris Anthony Hamilton

Chair of the Production Department

Regina Nicole

Production Department

Darion D'Anjou

Production Development

Bonnie Pettiford

Chair of Casting


Aretta Baldon

Chair of the Marketing Department

Kiara Banks

Vice Chair of the Marketing Department

Naz Pankey

Lead Copywriter

Maegan Coker

Lead Social Media Influencer

April Powell

Public Relations Manager

Kevin "Kunda" Williams

Web Management


Durrell Daniels

Chair of Outreach and Learning

Courtney Lockett

Project Management

Angel L. Henderson

Project Management

Ivory Shields

Host of the Sour Milk Auteurs Round-tables