Natalie Karp

Natalie Karp is a professional actor currently living in Atlanta, Georgia.  She has dual citizenship with France, where she has lived off and on for the past 30 years.  Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Natalie has always wanted to be an actor. From performing skits on the playground as a child to becoming president of her high school’s drama club, acting has always been Natalie’s passion. Awarded the Bank of America scholarship for drama, Natalie earned her degree in Comparative Literature from the University of California Santa Barbara.  Her acting training is based in The Method; she began formal training in San Francisco with Wendell Philipps, a co-founder along with Lee Strasberg of The Group Theater. After San Francisco she moved to New York City where she continued to train and began her professional career. After three valuable and formative years in NYC it was time to head back to Los Angeles to expand her skills in front of the camera. While in Los Angeles she found an acting home with the remarkable Salome Jens of The Actor's Studio.

In addition to acting in all genres of theater, she has had the distinguished honor of teaching Shakespeare to theatre audiences in London alongside her mentor Professor Homer Swander. She has co-written, produced and starred in two short films: "La Decouverte" a film in french and "UnmaskedT which recently wrapped in Atlanta. Her recent television credits include, most notably HBO's Emmy-nominated "Confirmation" with Kerri Washington and a recurring role on CW's 'Dynasty'.  Natalie has served as the lead in three stage plays in the past two years. Most recently, Natalie and the cast of "Il Etait Une Fois" (Once Upon A Time),a Theatre du Reve production at Atlanta's 7Stages, has been nominated for the Suzi Bass Outstanding Acting Ensemble of 2018 award.

Natalie believes in transformative storytelling that ignites the imagination. With projects that cross geographic, cultural, racial and socio-economic boundaries, Natalie’s ultimate goal is to inspire healing with other well-intentioned, creative souls who believe in the power of art to transform. Understanding how powerful stories can make a difference, she seeks to quiet the divisive voices while bringing to light the love and courage that exists within humanity. It is time for change, and Natalie Karp will help bring it.