Regina Nicole

A multitalented creative, Regina Nicole is a producer, actor, and director based in Atlanta, Georgia. Naturally a spoken word poet, Regina found theatre and arts performance to be a productive and stress- relieving outlet all throughout high school. Originally intending to follow a stage career, she attended Texas Women’s University and studied theatre. Her ambition and desire for more led her to Los Angeles where she discovered the film scene. There she ran a poetry show, worked as a production assistant on commercials for BET, and honed her craft, taking acting classes with the likes of Eugene Williams and Eric LaSalle.

After finishing college and acquiring a business degree at Florida Metropolitan University, Regina came to Georgia in 2007 to pursue acting. With 15 acting credits on IMDb, Regina has also hosted the television pilot So You Think You Want To Be An Actor. While back in her home state of Texas for a stint, her poetry led to her being featured on a spoken word album, entitled “Nommo”, with Erykah Badu.

Regina’s willingness to take risks and go-getter approach to life has led her to many other successes. She once auditioned for a film’s lead role, received another role, but ended up with so much more. When she noticed the filmmakers kept delaying production, she offered to help. Along with fellow filmmaker Hakim Robinson, Regina produced, screened and distributed that film, A Family on Edge, now on Amazon Prime and Vudu. Regina has conducted a newscast for Einstein Bagels on CBS 46 for National Hot Dog Day. She starred in the award-winning play ThugGun Natasha in Los Angeles, as well as the award-winning short film, The Lockdown Club, that was featured on BET.

Along with producing for Jason Louder’s Sour Milk Anthology, Regina is currently in pre-production for a web series, where she seeks to tell the untold story of people who work in retail. With a passion for telling stories that showcase humanity, Regina will continue to produce content, so keep watching this rising star--and expect the unexpected.