Jason C Louder

Actor, Producer, Teacher, Coach, Mentor, and general Lover of Life, Jason C. Louder’s star is steadily rising. He currently guest stars in the CW’s “Black Lightning” as well as the soon to be released 21st Century Fox movie “THE HATE YOU GIVE”, starring Issa Rae, Common, and Regina Hall. In the upcoming classic “PRODUCTS OF THE AMERICAN GHETTO”, Jason plays the role of ‘Travis’, leader of the Miami Boyz, a true breakout role that has left viewers in shock and awe. A native of Atlanta, Georgia, Jason has been in more than 30 stage productions since 2009, working with some of the most active Directors and Playhouses in Atlanta. Jason is currently in production for a transformative non-dialogue theatrical production entitled “GO”. Jason has been fortunate to lend his voice to the 2016-2017 Adidas Sports Needs Creators National campaign.

In the world of film, Jason has worked on over 35 independent projects, including Features, Shorts, and Web Series, the latest highlight being the up and coming SCAD Film, “Odyssey: A Star Wars Story”. Recently Jason won the award for Best Actor in this year’s Constellation Film Festival for his role in Darion D’Anjou’s Short Film “PONY”. He is currently developing a groundbreaking auteurs series and beginning to trend more heavily on various social media platforms. His consistent work at home has also led him to some international acclaim, landing him in Bollywood alongside one of their finest actresses, Kangana Ranaut, in the hit movie “SIMRAN”.

As a seasoned storyteller, Jason joyfully appears as one of his most coveted characters, ‘Babatunde The Griot’, inspiring thousands of students throughout the state of Georgia. In the spirit of giving back, Jason recently came on board as an Acting Coach at the incomparable Nova House.

Jason’s calendar is steadily being filled with evidence from his upcoming projects: “BOUNCER”, “The Auteur”, “THE ABIDING”, “Gray Hairs”, “RED, WHITE & BLUE”, “Purposely Awakened”(L.A.), “THE MARK”, “TRAIT”, “Through Elaine’s Eyes”, “Finding a Way”, “ROADTRIPPING”(N.C.), “BATTERED JUSTICE”, and “The EYES of Providence”-- just to name a few. While persistently honing his craft, he has had an abundantly blessed theatrical journey thus far. With a razor sharp work ethic and a humble spirit, he has positioned himself where abundant opportunities are manifesting, not just for himself, but for others as well.