Winston A. Winston

Winston A. Wilson is a writer, producer, entrepreneur, and public speaker based in Atlanta, GA. . Winston grew up in New York and is originally from Jamaica. Winston has many years of leading and growing nonprofit organizations and other large operations in different locations with a diversity of human talent. Over the last half of his life, he has shifted to his passion to creativity, capitalizing on a unique opportunity to bring proven business acumen to each project and engagement. His passion for writing became his driving force, as he delved into a decade of education, exploring the craft of playwriting with the likes of Linda Sherbert, Robert Foster and Michael Lucker, and enjoyed screenwriting classes at the Alliance Theatre. Opportunities opened for him to produce various plays at the Alliance Theatre and other venues local to Atlanta. Winston has also held readings at West Georgia College and the Alliance Theatre.

A turning point in his filmmaking journey came at the second showing of the reading of his play, SuperLoser, where over 110 people attended, and pushed the talkback session to over 2 hours. That experience opened his eyes to a life-changing realization: his purpose was to help creatives be themselves. With this revelation, Winston created the nonprofit organization, The Rising Tide Charity, which is focused on giving voice to our creativity at times of stress and distress. The pain of seeing loved ones move on with unrealized creativity is the pain and heartbreak of this organization as seen in the play SuperLoser, and is another facet of what drove its creation. This organization also features a bimonthly podcast, where Winston showcases creatives operating in their purpose.

As he realizes his own creativity, Winston continues to tell stories that focus on the plight and the question "What constitutes a family?" all within a supernatural or unique environment. His focus is on bringing people together in challenging situations, all with a mandate on forming great works. He is currently in pre-production for his play, SuperLoser, which will be shown in Marietta, Georgia, as well as abroad in Bermuda. His novel, The Family Superior, is set for release in February 2019. Ultimately, Winston plans to create an environment where filmmakers can produce content that transform humanity into greatness through purpose and creativity.